FSU’s Jimbo Fisher may have been closer to LSU than first thought

Florida State Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher was reportedly in talks to become the LSU Tigers head coach. That was before talks broke down and the Tigers elected to keep Les Miles for at least another year.

Fisher, who said he was staying in Tallahasee, reportedly had “secret” conversations with the Tigers behind the scenes. According to The Advocate, LSU president F. King Alexander – who Miles acknowledged was the first person who told him he was staying the Tigers head coach last Saturday night – intervened in the Miles talk.

He reportedly helped squash any additional communication with Fisher and any possibility that Miles would be fired. The newspaper is reporting that LSU officials talked to Fisher, but it’s not clear for how long.

Miles, who has a $15 million buyout, was too much, and any contract with Fisher, which would be an additional several million was too substantial for the school to handle at this time. The Tigers are reportedly dealing with a constricted budget, which hurt the school from firing Miles.

Alexander and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal were in the corner of Miles. Jindal was reportedly advising the school officials to keep Miles.

According to The Business Report, Alexander told them in an interview that the decision to keep Miles was done before the end of the Tigers’ 19-7 win over the Texas A&M Aggies. He said that the members of the Board of Supervisors at the school announced the actual decision during halftime of the game while Miles and his coaching staff were getting his team ready for the third quarter.

Besides Miles, the school would have had to buyout his assistant coaching contracts, which would have been an additional $2 million for $17 million overall. The Advocate is reporting that LSU offered Fisher a multi-year deal worth $5 million per year.

Fisher hasn’t said how close he may have been to taking over the job.

The fans showed a tremendous amount of support for Miles, whose been at the school for the past 11-years since taking over for Nick Saban when he elected to go to the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. Before the game started, the fans gave Miles a standing ovation that definitely showed the school that they love their coach.

As emotions were high with the coach and players, the players carried him off the field after the game with the Aggies.

Minutes later, embattled Athletic Director Joe Alleva announced that Miles would still be the team’s head coach going forward. This definitely left a black-eye on his and the school’s face, as they never gave the coach any type of “vote of confidence” as the rumors began to swirl all over the Internet and social media.

While the school was forced to keep Miles, The Advocate is reporting that the Board of Supervisors were split on the decision.

“Half were hoping for him to be fired, and half were hoping we’d keep him,” a board member told The Advocate.

Now, as we move forward with this LSU mess, he’ll coach the team’s bowl game and continue with the top-ranked recruiting class at the moment. While he’s still their head coach, it appears like Fisher was closer – than he may have admitted – to become the LSU head coach.

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