Eddie Alvarez upsets Anthony Pettis at UFC Fight Night

Eddie Alvarez defeated Anthony Pettis in the co-main event at UFC Fight Night from TD Garden in Boston, Mass. Alvarez won in a split decision as two judges had Alvarez as the winner with a 29-28 score.

One judge had Pettis as the winner with a 29-28 score.

“Good,” Alvarez said in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. “I want to Thank God for getting me out there. Not too surprising. I had a game plan and stuck by it.”

With the win, Alvarez improved to 27-4 overall. Pettis dropped to 18-4.

First Round:

Alvarez took Pettis to the cage before going into a guillotine. Alvarez escaped with punches, then had Pettis up against the cage once again.

Alvarez applied pressure on Pettis against the cage. He tried to take Pettis down, but Pettis had good defense early on.

The Philadelphia native was the aggressor, but Pettis had hit him with a strong kick late in the round.

Pettis had hit Alvarez with a strong left kick, then with punches. The two were in the clinch before Alvarez hit him with a kick late.

Second Round:

Alvares with a kick to the body to begin the round, then he hit Pettis with a short right hook. He then took Pettis to the cage.

Pettis escaped with a knee to Alvarez. Pettis then hit him with a kick to the body.

Alvarez, who was pressuring Pettis throughout, caught Pettis with a leg kick. Then, he got Pettis to the ground, as his trainers said that he had to get off the cage.

Pettis had a right hand late, then with a strong kick. Alvarez followed with a strong kick of his own right before the round ended.

Third Round:

Pettis began the round with strong right kicks, before Alvarez kicked Pettis. He then took Pettis to the cage again — but it was less effective this time around.

Alvarez was hurt and was bleeding from the face. However, he took down Pettis and the former champion had a hard time escaping.

Pettis went for a leg lock when Alvarez was down, but he had to hit Pettis with hammer punches to break the lock.

While Pettis got up, Alvarez was still in control. Then, he took Pettis down to the ground again. He wore Pettis down — and it looked like he was getting weaker from it.

Pettis was throwing some punches, but they had little impact on Alvarez. The Philadelphia native had six take downs in the fight, and Pettis escaped from the final one with 30 seconds to go and could only muster a kick to the body before the end of the fight.

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