Ex-NFL player Plaxico Burress gets probation for tax evasion

Plaxico Burress has received probation for tax evasion after he failed to play thousands of dollars in state income tax. The case came to an end today in New Jersey court.

Burress, who did this while playing for the New York Giants, will have to pay the state $56,000 within the next five-years. If he doesn’t pay up, then he’ll head to jail.

He was already in jail for when he carried a gun into a night club and that went off.

Burress was sentenced to two-years in prison following a violation of New York’s stringent gun laws. He took a plea deal and plead guilty to the lesser charge.

If he doesn’t pay within the five-year probation period, then he’ll go to jail for 364 days. He’s already admitted that he hasn’t paid $46,000 of his $1 million income in 2013.

The prosecution said that Burress couldn’t pay because a problem with the electronic funds transfer system. But when the state contacted him, there was no response.

The judge ruled against Burress because of his criminal record.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Burress after this. When he previously shot himself in the leg in a New York City nightclub, he was able to bounce back. Does he do the same after this? Yes, it’s likely; however, this time around, it may not involve football.

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