Johnny Manziel’s ex gets protective order against him

Colleen Crowley has signed a protective order against her former boyfriend, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel. The couple reportedly broke up in December; however, they were involved in a domestic violence incident last weekend in Fort Worth, Texas.

Crowley, who is fearing for her life, went to the court to get protection from him. Last weekend, he reportedly threatened to kill her and puller her hair and drug her by her hair.

She’s a student at TCU (Texas Christian University) in Fort Worth, where the latest incident happened. According to TMZ Sports, their police department has been notified that she now has an order against him.

According to WFAA, the Tarrant County judge believed that “family violence” occurred, so he felt it was necessary for the order. It’s not clear if it was filed today or earlier this week.

Just last night, the police report came out about the incident. Yet, while Manziel is documented as attacking her, he wasn’t charged with any crime.

In the police report, according to WFAA, who obtained the documents, Crowley said that Manziel also threatened to kill her and she thought he was on drugs. She also begged a valet, according to the documents, to help her, but he didn’t know what to do.

Even earlier today, a Dallas Morning News story came out that suggested that his family tried to get Manziel help twice this week, but he refused. Also, his father Paul Manziel was quoted as saying that if he doesn’t get help now, then he’ll be dead by his 24th birthday.

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