Scott Taylor’s John Doe explodes on Street Outlaws

On the premiere episode of Street Outlaws New Orleans, Scott Taylor had problems with his “John Doe” race car. John Doe is one of the top cars on the street racing scene.

Taylor in his John Doe was getting ready to face David “Bird” Jones from Texas when he had problems at the starting line at The Pad in New Orleans.

He had a fire after a nitrous solenoid was leaking a small amount into the motor. On Facebook, he wrote, “Even though I spun the motor over for a while to clear it out, all hell broke loose when I flipped the ignition on.”

Taylor’s team sprayed into the carburetor before the explosion.

“I don’t stay down for long,” Taylor said on the show. “I’ll have John Doe back ready by the end of the week.”

Then, they were showing John Doe facing Kye Kelly’s Shocker on the next episode, which airs next Monday.

Next week won’t be the only time that John Doe has faced one of the best in a street racing competition. In August, John Doe went up against The Crow, Justin Shearer’s creation, in the final round of the Outlaw Armageddon No Prep Invitational at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Oklahoma.

The Crow – which crashed in a race with Brian “Chucky” Davis that’ll be on the next edition of the original Street Outlaws – defeated John Doe to win the $20,000 grand prize. Since the original The Crow was destroyed in that race with Davis, Shearer debuted The Crowmod in Dec.

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