Kobe gets another record in his final game

As Kobe Bryant closes out his NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers on ESPN2 against the Utah Jazz, he has added one final accomplishment to his record. He’s become the first future Hall of Famer to score 30 points in their final game.

Previously, it was never done until when Bryant was able to do that. The Lakers are letting Bryant go — as he’s putting on a show after struggling early on — and he’ll have the rest of his life to recover from this evening.

Right now, Bryant has 40 points in his final game after going 15-of-36 from the field. It’s also the most by any 15,000-point scorer in his final game.

It’s his first 40-point game since Nov. 2014.

The Lakers are only expected to play Bryant six minutes in the fourth quarter — and it’ll be interesting to see if he plays the first six months or the final six minutes.

If you were working, when Michael Jordan retired with the Washington Wizards for the third-time, he had 15 points. Bryant at 15 points in the first quarter.

“No, I didn’t,” Byron Scott said in the post-third quarter interview. “I’m going to let him go for 50.”

He said he was going to let Bryant go — even though the team said he was just going to play six minutes.

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