Former Flyers Roenick, Jones goes off on Bellemare’s hit

Former Philadelphia Flyer Jeremy Roenick was not pleased with Flyers’ Pierre-Edouard Bellemare hit. Bellemare may receive a suspension for his boarding hit against Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov.

“He’s smiling there, but this is as close to somebody possibly breaking their neck,” Roenick said on NHL on NBC PrimeTime. “This is inexcusable. This is a lack of respect for a player’s safety.

“It’s a lack of respect of a player in general. I hope that the NHL suspends him and keeps him out the rest of the playoffs.”

Roenick wasn’t done, as this hit may have hit a nerve with him. He made it clear that these hits are not acceptable anymore.

“Somebody is going to break their neck, then they’re going to make changes. Something has to change — whether it’s the hug role (hug them and let them go). Then, stupid acts like this by Bellemare is inexcusable.”

Even Keith Jones, another former Flyer, was also shocked that Orlov was not seriously injured.

“We’re very lucky that we’re not talking about a severe injury to Orlov. It can’t happen. I don’t know how he’s not more seriously injured.”

It was a chase for the puck from the blue line. Bellemare still hit Orlov from behind — and the thing that helps him from being severely penalized is that he doesn’t have a history, as he’s been a clean player.


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