Bellemare has hearing with the NHL after hit on Orlov

Last night, Philadelphia Flyers right winder Pierre-Édouard Bellemare made a controversial hit on Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov. The Russian could have been severely injured on the play.

Now, Bellemare will have a hearing with the National Hockey League (NHL) today for his checking from behind on Orlov. There was called for Bellemare to be suspended for his actions.

With his actions – if there was a suspension – it may go into the 2016-17 season, as the Flyers season is nearing an end. They’re currently trailing the Capitals 3-0 in the Eastern Conference first-round playoff series.

After the hit, it also caused fans to throw bracelets – which were given out to fans in attendance – onto the ice and even one hit Orlov. He was hit when he was getting attention from his trainer near their bench.

Orlov was shocked when he was hit with the bracelet.

Former Flyer Jeremy Roenick, who was once loved by the Flyers faithful, ripped Bellemare apart for his actions. He was also shocked that Orlov wasn’t seriously injured.

“He’s smiling there, but this is as close to somebody possibly breaking their neck,” Roenick said on NHL on NBC PrimeTime. “This is inexcusable. This is a lack of respect for a player’s safety.

“It’s a lack of respect of a player in general. I hope that the NHL suspends him and keeps him out the rest of the playoffs.”

Roenick wasn’t done, as this hit may have hit a nerve for him. He made it clear that these hits are not acceptable anymore.

“Somebody is going to break their neck, then they’re going to make changes. Something has to change — whether it’s the hug role (hug them and let them go). Then, stupid acts like this by Bellemare is inexcusable.”

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