White: McGregor out of the UFC 200 main event

Earlier today, Conor McGregor said he was retiring from the UFC. Whether that’s true or just a cryptic tweet, only McGregor knows.

But according to UFC president Dana White, McGregor is now out of the UFC 200 Main Event. The biggest event of the year for the company is taking place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

McGregor may just be hurt from what he saw a week ago. He was in attendance in Dublin, Ireland, where an MMA fighter, Joao Carvalho, died from his injuries.

Carvalho was facing McGregor’s teammate Charlie Ward, who picked up the win.

While Carvalho may have had an impact on McGregor’s decision, it’s not the real reason why White pulled him. The president said that McGregor did not want to make any pre-fight appearances.

There’s also a report that McGregor decided to retire because he did not want to ‘pay to play’ with the company.

The rematch with Nate Diaz is now off. White will begin to look for a replacement for McGregor.

Diaz dominated the Irishman in March in Vegas when McGregor went up in class to a 170 pounds. Nate got a second-round win — and he was an injury replacement.

Less than a month before the fight, Rafael dos Anjos had to pull over with an injury. White then put Diaz in his spot and surprised everyone when he beat the loud mouth.

Diaz is the only fighter to beat McGregor in the UFC.

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