Family member comments on Conor McGregor’s retirement

On Tuesday, the mixed martial arts world was shocked when Conor McGregor announced on Twitter that he was retiring. When he announced it, it did not follow up — so people thought he may have been just joking around.

However, his coach confirmed the news on Twitter that his retirement was real. That was even followed up by UFC president Dana White announcing that McGregor was pulled from the UFC 200 Main Event on SportsCenter.

White cited that McGregor was pulled after failing to fulfill his media obligations. Reporter Jonathan Shrager released information after he says that he spoke with a McGregor family member.

“I’ve just had contact with an immediate family member of #McGregor, and it would appear the retirement tweet is to be taken at face value,” Shrager wrote on Twitter. “Conor confirmed to my source (see earlier tweet) a couple of hours ago that he’s retired.”

Shrager is reporting that McGregor retired instead of taking part in the UFC 200’s media tour. That included stops in Las Vegas, Stockton, Calif. and New York.

There’s also speculation that McGregor was having a dispute with the company over money. In March, McGregor received a million in a losing effort — the first UFC fighter to ever receive a million in a fight — after losing in the second round to Nate Diaz.

Diaz was supposed to fight McGregor at the UFC 200 main event at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas. Now, that main event is up in the air as White has not confirmed who Diaz would be fighting, or if he would be fighting in the main event, as Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar could be the main event now on the card.

“Conor informed my source that the promo tour was unrealistic,” Shrager wrote on Twitter. “Not just the presser, it was more like a mini world tour.”

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