Koreshkov dominates Henderson in Bellator debut

On Feb. 1st, Benson Henderson made the decision to sign with Bellator MMA. His decision to leave UFC, the top mixed martial arts promotion, sent shock waves throughout the industry.

Henderson may want to forget about his Bellator debut on Friday night on Spike TV. He was dominated by Andrey Koreshkov.

Koreshkov won on all three judges 50-45. He also retains his Bellator welterweight championship belt.

“I knew from the beginning that my coach told me that I would every round in this fight,” Koreshkov said in his post-fight interview.

Henderson hand-picked Koreshkov for his first fight in his new company. It was a huge mistake.

“Sad, I hate losing,” he said. “Coming in, we knew how tough he was. I don’t like losing — I want to get back in there right away.”

Henderson dropped to 23-6 in his MMA career and 0-1 in Bellator. Koreshkov improved to 19-1 and 10-1 in Bellator.

The only thing that was good for Henderson was that he was on his two feet — and even his corner going into the fifth and final round said, “We’re down a lot.”

Even when Korshkov hitting him with dominate punches, or taking him down, Henderson was not close to ending the fight. Referee “Big” John McCarthy — who worked his fights at UFC before — knew that he had a tough chin.

He’s only been finished three times in 28 career fights.

Henderson’s best round of the fight was in the fifth-round. However, even the announcers said that Koreshkov was ahead on the card.

There was never a moment in the five-round fight that Koreshkov was in trouble.

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