David Bird Jones’ racing equipment stolen in Texas

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Street racing has become mainstream after the show Street Outlaws on the Discovery Channel. Now, one of the racers, who has appeared on the show, is asking for the public to help find his stolen equipment.

The items were stolen from the Forest Hill, Texas’ Comfort Inn. He suspects that his car and truck were stolen between 12:30 am and 5 am.

Photos of David Bird Jones' pickup, trailer, and Camaro (Photo by David Bird Jones Facebook)

Photos of David Bird Jones’ pickup, trailer, and Camaro (Photo by David Bird Jones Facebook)

There is also a $13,500 reward into the recovery of David Bird Jones’ Camaro and 740 buck racing engine complete.

If you’re looking for the racing vehicle, it’s a 1967 Camaro — Birds the Word Camaro. Also, besides the race car, a 2015 Maxey air ride 36’ flatbed trailer was also stolen. The vin number is 5R8A8362XFM036473.

The stolen Camaro and flatbed trail was pulled by a 2002 F-250 with an 8.5” lift 20” black wheels, pink. It also has the license plate OGBIRD.

“Need the power of the social media,” Mike Murillo, who also appeared on Street Outlaws, wrote on Facebook.

This isn’t the first time that equipment racing has been stolen. The Thief or Thieves think that they could get away with this — but it’s getting harder with social media and video — which hasn’t been released yet if there is any.

Last year, a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team had their equipment stolen outside a hotel. It caused them not to be able to race that weekend — and the team would eventually fold, as they couldn’t recover from that.

Also, a former member, who appeared on Street Outlaws, was arrested, with others, for stealing racing engines.

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