Josh Brown’s situation puts another black eye on the NFL

By Anthony Caruso III

The National Football League’s one-game suspension of New York Giants kicker Josh Brown is a joke. It’s like the small suspension that they gave to former NFL running back Ray Rice, before TMZ derailed his career by releasing video of the incident.

If there was video in this case, Brown would likely be released by the Giants. However, right now, there’s little that the team could do besides releasing him in this he said-she said matter.

Josh Brown looking down (Getty Images)

Josh Brown looking down (Getty Images)

His ex-wife says that he was violent with her on more than 20 occasions. She also says that he beat her while she was pregnent.

However, when the NFL asked her to speak, she refused — and they reportedly tried to get her to talk for 10 months. Yet, she reportedly spoke with the New York Daily News recently.

He’s suspended for one game following a May 2015 incident. The NFL investigators launched a case immediately.

The police report of the incident says, “she told police she had to lock herself in the bedroom to hide from Brown and was really scared.” She said there was a history of violence, too.

According to TMZ Sports, like Brown’s ex-wife, the cops shut down any attempts by the NFL to get any information.

“As a result of these factors, our investigators had insufficient information to corroborate prior allegations,” the NFL said.

The league’s suspension is under the personal conduct policy. Also, since Brown didn’t face any charges, it handcuffed their chances.

Yet, the NFL has had a black eye since the Rice incident two-plus years ago. They’re trying to get rid of their previous image, but this still doesn’t help with those matters.

This case is familar to the Greg Hardy case; however, he was initially charged. He was also convicted, then appealed it — and his ex-girlfriend refused to participate, so the case went nowhere.

There is a police report, like here, but Hardy’s were more dangerous, as he threatened to kill her and even thrown her on guns, according to the police report.

If you beat your wife or your girlfriend, while being a member of the NFL, you should he banned and never allowed to make millions again. Commissioner Roger Goodell — who has a stiff hand with decision matters — would never take such a steep step, though.

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