Rollins says he’ll love a dream match with Bill Goldberg

By Anthony Caruso III

After speaking about UFC’s Conor McGregor on ESPN’s First Take, Seth Rollins said that he would love to have a match with Bill Goldberg when host Stephen A. Smith asked him about old wrestlers. Goldberg hasn’t wrestled in years and has been doing other things.

Goldberg is a new character in the WWE’s upcoming video game. If that’s any indication, he could be coming back to the company.

Bill Goldberg (Photo by the WWE)

Bill Goldberg (Photo by the WWE)

Sting was in the video game first, before making appearances in the company – then suffered a career-ending injury against Rollins in a Sept. pay-per-view.

“I’d love to fight Goldberg,” Rollins said. “I’m a young stallion – and I’d fight him any day of the week and anywhere. I’m a young buck and he’s past his prime.”

Goldberg is 49-years-old has had a match in the WWE since WrestleMania XX when he defeated Brock Lesnar. Since the fans knew that this would be the final match for the two — at the time — the fans had a negative reaction.

After losing, Lesnar gave “Stone Cold” Steve Austin the finger, before receiving the Stone Cold Stunner. Goldberg celebrated with Austin, before also receiving a stunner.

He’s made two appearances with Legends of Wrestling events — one in June 2015 in New York. The other being Jan. 2016 in Miami.

Rollins is only 30-year-old and faces Finn Bálor on Sunday at SummerSlam for the new WWE Universal Championship.

With Rollins running his mouth about a dream match with Goldberg, the WWE Creative Department needs to make this happen. It may not happen at WrestleMania — where this match should take place — but we should still see it.

“He’s too afraid to come out of retirement and face me,” Rollins added.

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