Rolling Stone: Tyson Fury has been on drugs for four months

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to Rolling Stone, former boxing champion Tyson Fury says he’s spent the last four months getting ‘fat as a pig’. He also told them that he’s been doing cocaine and drinking during that time.

Fury announced recently that he was retiring from boxing. He was supposed to fight Wladimir Klitschko after his surprising win over the champ in November 2015.

Boxer Tyson Fury with the WBO Heavyweight Championship at the Cooper Box Arena

Tyson Fury at the Cooper Box Arena in London, England (Getty Images)

However, after being declared ‘unfit to fight’ after being busted for cocaine, he says he was clean for three days when the interview was done on Monday. Fury has pulled out of two rematches with Klitschko, both this year.

They were supposed to fight again two weeks ago but Fury was deemed unfit and mentally not cleared. He’s supposed to go through treatment to help his problems.

“With Tyson’s condition he can not be held culpable’ detailed statement coming soon on health,” his brother Peter said on Twitter. “He will not & should not be stripped of belts.”

Fury was stripped of his IBF belt after it was found out that he had signed a separate agreement with Klitschko for a rematch, then fighting Vyacheslav Glazkov. He remains the WBA and WBO champion.

He’s had a big collapse after the stunning upset over Klitschko — who hasn’t been defeated in nearly a decade before the loss. Since then, he’s been accused of using cocaine and nandrolone, a performance-enhancing drug.

“Listen, I’ll tell you what’s happened,” he said, according to the story. “It’s been a witch hunt ever since I won that world title. Ever since I got a bit of fame for doing good, there’s been a witch hunt on me, because of my background, because of who I am and what I do, there’s hatred for Travelers and gypsies around the world. Especially in the United Kingdom. Especially with the British Boxing Board of Control and some of the sanctioning bodies of the world titles.

“I had to fight one of the best champions in history. No one [gave] me a prayer. I finally prevailed over the guy, beat him, and I get treated like shit. Within a week, the IBF, the International Boxing Federation, stole my belt and give it to somebody else, knowing full well that I couldn’t defend it in a week, because I had a rematch set with Klitschko. That was the first bit of corruption involved with boxing.”

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