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Report: Sherman fined for Carpenter hit

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By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

On Monday night, Seattle Seahawks corner back Richard Sherman made a controversial hit on Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter. On the play, Sherman went after Carpenter.

He was rushing on a field goal attempt late in the game. He went after his legs and got a penalty on the play; however, it wasn’t roughing the kicker.

Richard Sherman (Getty Images)

Richard Sherman (Getty Images)

According to Pro Football Talk, Sherman was fined $9,115 for running into Carpenter. He had been flagged for being offsides.

The National Football League later admitted that there were missed calls on the play. While the league admitted that, according to ESPN, the officiating crew will not be reprimanded.

Sherman insists that he was trying to block the kick. He says he didn’t hear the whistle.

“There was no whistle,” he said. “The league goes back and hindsights everything and says this and says that because they want to appease the fans. I know the rule book and I know exactly what I was doing on that play. It’s very similar to a free play, for all the uninformed people out there. If you watch (Green Bay Packers quarterback) Aaron Rodgers or any team, they draw a team offsides and if a guy comes scott free at the quarterback, and he’s about to get hit in the face, the refs will usually blow it then so the quarterback doesn’t get hit, but if a guy’s not coming scott free, they’ll let the play go on.

“A lot of teams score a touchdown like that. They were doing the same thing. If the kick had gone through, they would have said, ‘Good kick, decline the penalty, field goal good, three points.’ They didn’t vote the ball dead until he kicked it, so that is what it is.”

While some may believe that Sherman was trying to take out Carpenter, he says he wasn’t.

“As long as he was kicking the ball, I was going to try to block it,” Sherman added. “That’s the difference though. when most quarterbacks are about to get sacked, they throw the ball into the ground, or the kicker in the situation would just have not kicked the ball. You see somebody standing right in front of the ball, you don’t kick the ball. If you don’t want to put yourself in harm’s way, don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

“You see my trajectory, the ball is still on the ground, there’s no other way to block it. Usually we don’t run into the kicker, because the ball is already kicked. When the ball is still on the ground, there’s no other way to get there but to go at that angle. People are like, ‘What is that angle that you were going at, you were trying to hurt the kicker.’ No, there’s no other angle.”

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