Curry may be a Democrat with his comment Trump is an a**

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher
On February 9, 2017 at 2:14 pm EST

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry said that he is not a fan of our current President of the United States of America. Yet, where were you prior to November? You did not speak that you did not like him – you did not say a word on the matter.

You were quiet like many other celebrities, as Donald Trump faced Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. But when Trump easily wins in a landslide, all of a sudden you have a problem with it – even when Clinton used a negative campaign against the billionaire – and it backfired against her.

Stephen Curry standing, chewing on his mouth piece

Stephen Curry standing, chewing on his mouth piece (Getty Images)

LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar, and many other celebrities voices their support for Clinton. However, when people went to the voting booth, they wanted a change. They did not want another four-years of the same Barack Obama administration agenda. The American people wanted a change – and that’s exactly what they got.

Those that voted for Trump did not four more years of failed policies, in their opinion, or giving money to the enemy, like the Obama administration has done. They gave millions to foreign countries, including $221 million right before he exited, to countries, who have ties to terrorism.

Obama is the first president-ever to commute more jail sentences than ever before. Even though he reportedly “got” Osama Bin Laden during his tenure — without any photos surfacing before he was “dumped in the water” — ISIS was created under his watch – and many Americans blame Obama for not doing anything to stop them.

Trump is our president and Curry should give him the respect that every President should receive – even if he is hated by that individual. While Trump has enraged others – including women from a 10-year-old video and the immigration ban — Clinton and the Obama administration has done the same, as well, on the Republicans side. In fact, Obama banned the same countries in Trump’s executive ban in 2011 – but nothing was ever said about that.

Curry, a superstar on the court and a part owner of Under Armour, called Trump an “a**.”

“I agree with that description,” he said. “If you remove the et.”

He was reportedly surprised by Under Armour CEO’s Kevin Plank’s pro-Trump comments. Plank and Curry reportedly talked after Curry spent “all day” on Wednesday “trying to understand what was going on and where everybody stood on the issue.”

“There is no amount of money, there is no platform I wouldn’t jump off if it wasn’t in line with who I am,” Curry said to the San José Mercury News.

While Obama urged African-Americans to vote for “his legacy,” the Black Sphere reported in Dec. 2016, Trump carried the black vote. They also reported the Left pretends otherwise.

The Black Sphere said, “Obama had eight-years to accomplish something meaningful, but was so ineffective, he asked a white woman to finish the job. The man decimated black America for the Democrats, but he couldn’t put it back together.”

“However, although Trump fared little better among blacks and Hispanics than [Mitt] Romney did four-years ago, Hillary Clinton did not run as strongly among these core Democratic groups as Obama did in 2012,” the Pew Research group said. “Clinton held an 80-point advantage among blacks (88% to 8%) compared to Obama’s 87-point edge four-years ago (93% to 6%). In 2008, Obama had a 91-point advantage among blacks.”

The Black Sphere said the suppressed black votes represented three things: The black vote dropped represented a rejection of Obama’s policies among blacks; the black vote percentage remained steady; however, the lack of black turnout crushed Clinton and the suppressed black vote was a de facto vote for Trump, in as much as the suppressed white vote was a vote against Romney.

“Trump won white voters by a margin almost identical to that of Mitt Romney, who lost the popular vote to Barack Obama in 2012, the Pew Research group continued. “(Trump appears likely to lose the popular vote, which would make him only the fifth-elected president to do so and still win office.) White non-Hispanic voters preferred Trump over Clinton by 21 percentage points (58% to 37%), according to the exit polls conducted by Edison Research for the National Election Pool. Romney won whites by 20 percentage points in 2012 (59% to 39%).

His reply to Plank’s comments could be that Curry is a Democrat. He also rejected to comment on the H2 law in North Carolina, a law put in place by Rep. Gov. Pat McCrory. In addition, Curry may be like other Americans, who refuse to accept that Trump is the president – even four-months later.

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