Golden Gloves: The Final Six Bouts

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

New Brunswick, NJ — Following Maximillian’s post on The First Five bouts, here are the results for the final six bouts of the New Jersey Golden Gloves event at the crowded Brunswick Boxing & Fitness Gym. During these final six bouts, the blue and red corners split three wins each.

Bout 6: Chris Gerena vs. Tyhir James (Sub Novice, 165 lbs.)

The first-round between these two was a slow round. James, of Southpaw Boxing Club, got a not shot on Gerena, of State of Fitness, but he responded with several jabs.

The second-round could have went either way. Gerena and James had a nice round, but Gerena did put some nice combinations together.


Derek Starling and William Panissidi (Photo by Anthony Caruso III)

James tried to mount a late comeback in the third-round. He had some nice shots on Gerena — who then responded with several body shots.

Gerena won a 5-0 decision. Red 

Bout 7: John Sarengo vs. Oscar Merino (Sub Novice, 201+ lbs)

This entire bout was all Merino, of State of Fitness. Sarengo, of Aspira Boxing Club, was eating punches, but Oscar was leading after the first two-rounds.

Sarengo hit Merino with several key shots in the third-round. He also took several shots to the face, too.

Merino won a 5-0 decision. Blue

Bout 8: Garrett Duggan vs. Shinard Bunch (Open, 141 lbs.)

In the first-round Bunch, of Primal Gym, hit Duggan, of Middletown PAL, with several nice shots to the head. Duggan would respond with several nice punches.

Duggan had an impressive second-round. Bunch also landed some heavy-handed punches, as the two went back-and-forth.

In the third-round, Duggan had some nice shots on Bunch. But they were not hurting Bunch. Shinard had a punch that made Duggan a little woozy, before he recovered.

Bunch won a 5-0 decision. Blue

Bout 9: Daiyann Butt vs. Jimmy Martinez (Open, 141 lbs.)

In the first-round, Butt, of Dream Team, had some nice punches, before Martinez, of Middletown PAL, hugged him to stop the action. Martinez then responded with several punches of his own to end the round.

Like the first-round, Butt started the second-round with a nice shot early on. Martinez advanced and tagged him with several shots. Martinez tagged Butt to the face, then followed up with several jobs. Due to the hit to the head, he was bleeding.

Butt, despite bleeding, was pounded Martinez in the corner, before Martinez escaped. He was the aggressor early in the third.

Butt had Martinez in the corner again, but Martinez fought out of it. Martinez also received a knockdown in the round.

Martinez with a 5-0 decision. Blue

Bout 10: Saleem Kelly vs. Tim Lawrence (Open, 152 lbs.)

Lawrence, of Middletown PAL, began the first-round with some hard shots. Kelly, of Bergen PAL, responded with some hard shots of his own. Kelly hit Lawrence with a hard shot towards the end of the round, then both traded downs as the round ended.

Lawrence began the second-round with some hard shots on Kelly, like he did in the first-round. Then, Kelly followed up with several shots of his own to answer.

Late in the round, Lawrence had a nice shot, which knocked Kelly down briefly. Kelly responded with a shot to end the round.

Each participant began the third-round with nice combinations. Kelly followed with several shots in the corner. He then hit Lawrence with a shot to the head.

Lawrence had a nice shot, then Kelly followed with a nice combination. Kelly had two shots on Lawrence before the end of the round.

Kelly with a 5-0 decision. Red 

Bout 11: Derek Starling vs. William Panissidi (Open, 201+lbs)

Starling, of Middletown PAL, hit Panissidi, of GH3, with several shots. Panissidi put up very little effort early on.

Starling hit Panissidi with a shot that briefly took him off of his feet. Panissidi made a few shots late.

In the second-round, Starling began the round with several shots on his opponent. Panissidi responded, before Starling came out with some good shots of his own.

Starling began the third-round with a nice combo. Then, they hugged to stop Starling from punching him for the time being. Panissidi tried to punch Starling several times, but he responded with several more shots.

As fans thought Panissidi was done, he responded with a little flurry of action. However, it was a little bit too late.

Starling won a 5-0 decision. Red.


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