Golden Gloves Results: The First Five Bouts

By Maximillian C. Burgos | Contributing Writer

New Brunswick, NJ — In the crowded Brunswick Boxing & Fitness Gym, Golden Gloves fighters fought to prove their talent in what measured up to be an entertaining night of amateur boxing on Saturday night. With the only knockout of the night coming in the third bout by a fighter making his debut, the first five bouts of the night proved to be some of the best.

Bout 1: Jihad Davis vs. Jonathan Payne (Sub-Novice 165 lbs)

Jonathan Payne from Sicklerville Boxing Club came out in the first round, connecting on a nice bunch of jabs, shifting his opponent, Jihad Davis of Brunswick Boxing & Fitness Gym. But, after some solid connections from Jihad Davis, the fight took a very different turn from what initially looked like Payne’s fight to win.

In the second round, both fighters had some nice combinations, opening the round with a vicious exchange of blows. Each fighter traded blows, clinched one another to slow down the tempo of the fight, and threw wild punches that had mixed results.

Jose Nieves vs. Sakor Dean (Photo by Anthony Caruso III)

Jose Nieves vs. Sakor Dean (Photo by Anthony Caruso III)

Both fighters came out hard in the third round, but ultimately, it was Davis that won what seemed like a close match with a 5 – 0 decision.

Bout 2: Anthony Munoz vs. Alex Vasquez (Sub-Novice 178 lbs)

Alex Vasquez from Old Dog Boxing Club, threw punches in bunches. He set up many of his onslaughts with commanding jabs that really left his opponent, Anthony Munoz of Elite Heat Boxing Club, open for punishment.

Both fighters took a measured approach in the first round, not much action took place. Though the fight ended with a 3-2 decision, it felt like Vasquez was in control from beginning of the second round on. The second round opened with a nice exchange of blows between the two fighters, both making some solid connections that their opponents defiantly felt.

At the end of the match, Vasquez took the cake though, managing to stay more active. Both fighters battled, but this match went to Vasquez in a close decision of 3-2.

Bout 3: Amilcar Lima vs. Anthony Mesler (Sub-Novice 178 lbs)

In just his first fight, Anthony Mesler of Checkmate Boxing Club, made an impression on the people watching his bout. He came out strong, landing vicious haymaker after vicious haymaker. Amilcar Lima from State of Fitness Gym almost seemed surprised at the beginning of the fight, being knocked down early and receiving a standing eight count.

Mesler was dominant throughout the bout. Lima however, did have some answers in the second round, landing some powerful counter punches. But, it was not enough to weather the storm Mesler unleashed on his opponent, drawing blood late in the second, and like a shark in water getting the knockout early in the third round.

Mesler would have easily won on points if it would have come down to it. Lima in the end did his best to stand his ground, showed a glimpse of a potential comeback, but fell to Mesler relentless attack in third.

Bout 4: Jose Nieves vs. Sakor Dean (Junior Olympic 114 lbs)

Sakor Dean from Brick City Boxing Gym came into the match with an air of confidence. He had a certain swagger that many young fighters carry. Jose Nieves from Elizabeth Rec. on the other hand seemed cool, calm and collected. From the beginning, this fight showed promise.

Dean came out jabbing, measuring his opponent. Nieves, simply avoided the jabs and crosses that his opponent through early. Dean, getting comfortable in the first, starting throwing more punches with intent to take the fight early. With great poise, Nieves simply countered almost everything Dean threw at him.

The entire fight, Nieves punished Dean, seemingly landing his punches at will. He connected hard with punches when Dean missed a jab or whiffed a haymaker. Dean thought he seemed agile, could do little to avoid Nieves’s tactical approach in the fight.

Nieves won with a 5-0 decision, rightfully so. Nieves dominated the entire match and claimed a much deserved victory.

Bout 5: Edwin DeLaCruz vs. Saldo Tassembedo (Sub-Novice 201 lbs)

Saldo Tassembedo from Ibn Ali Boxing Club showcased his strength early with a vicious blows earning him a knockdown and his opponent Edwin DeLaCruz from Ringside Boxing Club a standing eight count. From the beginning it was obvious who would win this fight, and the rest of it almost seemed like a formality.

Tassembedo did get caught with a few combos in the second round, but he did weather the storm and stayed on top of his game. He did enough to win the round and gas out his opponent DeLaCruz.

DeLaCruz was not easily beaten though. He came out with a vicious flurry of punches that could have spelled disaster for Tassembedo if any made unexpected solid contact. With poise, Tassembedo weathered that storm too, earning him a 5-0 decision victory.

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