Nets sit six for season-finale 

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The Brooklyn Nets have decided to sit six players in their final game of the season against the Chicago Bulls. This is good news for the visitors, who are trying to make the playoffs.

Jeremy Lin, Brook Lopez and Trevor Booker will sit due to rest. Quincy Acy, Joe Harris and Sean Kilpatrick will miss due to injuries.

Jeremy Lin (Getty Images)

Jeremy Lin (Getty Images)

Acy is dealing with an ankle injury. Harris is dealing with a shoulder injury and Kilpatrick has a hamstring injury.

Kenny Atkinson, the Nets head coach, believes that these moves were made in the best interest of the team.

“I’m going to be honest with you, as a competitor, I understand [the frustration with the decision]. I understand the point of view that some of you have and some of the press has and maybe other teams in this league [have]. I do understand it,” Atkinson said. “But again, I think we do have to look at it from the [point of view of the] Brooklyn Nets franchise and what’s best for us. And that’s how we’re looking at it in a vacuum. I think that’s my responsibility as a coach, to look at it in that vein, but that being said, yes, I do understand it.”

It’s likely that the Bulls will be able to defeat the short-handed Nets. If they’re able to do that, then they’re automatically in the playoffs. However, there are scenarios for the Indiana Pacers if the Bulls lose to get in as the eighth seed.

“I don’t care,” Wade said about the Nets resting players. “I have nothing to do with that. Just got to focus on the Chicago Bulls and getting a win. That’s all we care about.”

“NBA players are showing up,” he added. “Teams have lost to guys when they’ve rested a lot of players of late. So we have to go out there and win our ballgame. It doesn’t matter who’s on the court. They’ve got an NBA jersey, they’re NBA players, you respect them as that.”

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