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Easley loses lawsuit for dog bite

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By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Los Angeles Rams defensive end Dominique Easley is nearly $150,000 lighter, as he was ordered to pay that money to a former college football player, who was bite by his pit bull. Wiley Brown, a former Virginia Tech Hokies player, did not know Easley when he was attacked.

Brown was at Easley’s home — and he asked a mutual friend to feed the dog while he was out of town. The friend reportedly asked Brown to come with her, as she went to feed the dog.

Dominique Easley trying to tackle Larry Fitzgerald (Getty Images)

Dominique Easley trying to tackle Larry Fitzgerald (Getty Images)

This week, a jury went with Brown in his lawsuit against Easley, despite Florida law being unclear if Easley is responsibile for the injuries. Easley’s lawyer Darren Heitner made it clear that the football player did not invite Brown into his house.

Heitner has also filed a motion for a new trail. He’s questioning whether Easley could be liable since he never invited the former college football player into the home.

“There are some legal issues about this for sure,” lawyer Kevin Smith said. “I believe the law supported our win, but I don’t know what the appellate courts will decide ultimately.”

Smith, who represented Brown, alleges that the injuries that he suffered from the bite ruined his clients chances of making it into the NFL. He was mainly a special teams player with the Hokies.

Brown suffered injuries to his wrist and ankle. The dog — who bit three other people — has since been euthanized.

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