Beckman checks Etown off of his Bucket List

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ — You can call it a monkey, or a boulder, but the Infinite Hero Foundation Dodge Charger R/T pilot Jack Beckman has finally checked a track off of his bucket list. He was previously winless at the NHRA Summernationals at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park.

Beckman defeated his Don Schumacher Racing teammate Ron Capps in the Funny Car final round. Beckman went 4.100 at 312.42 mph over fellow California native Capps, who went 4.143 at 299.66 mph.

Jack Beckman (Photo by the NHRA)

Jack Beckman (Photo by the NHRA)

Capps and Beckman have gone to back-to-back final rounds at the NHRA Summernationals. However, last June, Capps went 3.954 to Beckman’s 7.894.

“There have been quite a few variables for our team already this season, and we needed to get this win today so we knew that we could do this more often,” Beckman said. “Not only is this our team’s first win together, but a win at the Summernationals in Funny Car is about as cool as it gets.”

This is Beckman’s first win of the season with John Medlen, Dean Antonelli and Neal Strausbaugh as his three-headed tuning trifecta. Antonelli and Strausbaugh are additions in the off-season, while Medlen was with last year’s team.

Prior to this race, Capps had a 32-18 career advantage. However, he only held a 4-3 advantage in the final rounds.

Beckman had a 0.007 seconds lead over Capps off of the starting line. Then, both drivers were in the groove down the track.

As the cars went down historic track, Beckman continued to improve his lead. This is Beckman’s 25th career win.

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