First Impressions of the NHRA Summernationals

By Maximillian C. Burgos | Contributing Writer

With the smell of Nitromethane, and summer heat in the air the 2017 NHRA Summernationals at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ last weekend was an exciting event with many thrills for car lovers. The environment is very family friendly and thrilling with cars of all shapes and sizes. Even some daring kids were able to race in their Jr. dragsters early on in the weekend.

The 48th Annual NHRA Summernationals featured some interesting pro and amateur racers alike. The amateurs entertained fans early on each day with some high octane fun. Beautiful, brilliantly-colored and diverse muscle cars blasting off from the starting-line echoed through the drag strip all day, giving an adrenaline rush to anyone there.

Antron Brown (Photo by the NHRA)

Antron Brown (Photo by the NHRA)

All of the drivers and their crews were really willing to talk to fans, sign autographs and talk about racing. In my entire time there, all the racing teams were incredibly hospitable and enthusiastic about what they were doing.

Team Army even went as far as to celebrate the U.S Army 242th birthday, chopping the cake in half with a sword. The entire celebration was welcoming, patriotic and entertaining.

When the pros came to up to race, the explosions off the starting line were almost inexplicable. The smell of nitromethane burns your nose and the smoke makes your eyes water, but you can’t help but look away because in an instant, the race is over. Each car reaching break-neck speeds at a blink of an eye. The races started and ended faster than any one person could say the word “start”.

The end day was nothing but fun and good fun. Even in the scorching summer heat, you can’t help but enjoy the races on the track. There is nothing like the experience of watching high-powered dragsters racing for the fastest times, climbing up leader boards and competing head-to-head.




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