JJ Da Boss involved in an accident

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Street Outlaws Memphis leader JJ Da Boss (Jonathan Day) was involved in an accident last night. Precious Cooper, who normally handles his social media, posted an update.


According to his Facebook page, they were racing at an undisclosed location. Then, on the way home, it appears, the accident happened.

It’ll be interesting to see now with this accident if it’ll affect the upcoming Street Outlaws Memphis show that the Discovery Channel will be airing in the coming months. If they were actually filming, it may cause a halt to the show for the time being.

JJ Da Boss (Photo by the Discovery Channel)

JJ Da Boss (Photo by the Discovery Channel)

In addition, this is the second known crash involving a Street Outlaws Memphis cast member. Mustang Mike, as he’s known, aka Mike Gage, was also involved in an accident, a racing one, where he messed up his Mustang.

This accident with Mustang Mike will reportedly be on the first episode of the upcoming Street Outlaws Oklahoma City show. It’s not clear on who he was racing when the accident happened involving Mustang Mike.

“Mustang Mike” Gage has already secured his second car after “Unpredictable” was destroyed in the July 30th crash. We do not know if this new car will look similar to the old one.


There are 5 comments

  1. James T Upchurch

    This old Louisiana boy says he will be back stronger than ever! DaBoss be ready to huckle/buck! Glad yall are ok. I enjoy street outlaws. Be safe guys…

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