Big Chief wins Bristol Street Outlaws special

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Justin “Big Chief” Shearer is considered one of the best street racers in the country. The outspoken leader of the 405 provided that fact early Wednesday morning at Bristol Dragway in Bristol, Tenn.

Big Chief defeated Jerry Bird in The Probe in the final round in the Discovery Channel taping that will air in the early part of 2018. Shearer had the race won at the light, as Bird slept at the light before getting things together.

Justin “Big Chief” Shearer (Photo by Competition Plus)

It was Street Outlaws Oklahoma City vs. Street Outlaws New Orleans in the final. The Probe is on the Street Outlaws New Orleans list.

Big Chief won the 32 car field event that lasted well into the early morning hours. There’s no official date for this episode at this time, but it could potentially be in Season 11 since much of Season 10 is already filmed.

There were reportedly 22,000 people at this free event except for $10 for parking. It’s the biggest event ever at Bristol Dragway, even bigger than their NHRA events in June.

“Street Outlaws has a passionate fan base and some of the most entertaining characters on television today,” said Jerry Caldwell, executive vice president and general manager of Bristol Dragway when the announcement was made on August 17th. “We can’t wait to see what antics they get into as they race down Thunder Valley. We hope all of our neighbors in the region will join us as this popular show arrives in Bristol.”


There are 9 comments

  1. Thomas Sullivan

    Thank You. You guys are the best thing that I have had to look forward to in a long-time since getting M.S. 21 years ago. You keep me going and I have one of the best things in my life to look forward to, keep up the good work. God bless you all, Tommy.

  2. Mark Haase

    “It’s the biggest event ever at Bristol Dragway, even bigger than their NHRA events in June.” Hey, If the NHRA only charged $10 for you to park, a car full of your buddies, how big would that be? Just saying.

  3. John Corder

    This was without a doubt the best show I have seen at Bristol! The drives would talk with you like you were a person not like the pro racers that act like they are better than you are. I couldn’t believe it when I watched Daddy Dave interacting with tbe small kids, He was great with all of them!!! Again thanks to all the racers for the Great preformance and hoping you all will come back to Bristol again.

  4. Charmin dykes

    Love you guys had to work last night.maybe I will get another chance to see ya. When ya coming back. Didn’t Kno you all were even coming to thunder valley. How did you all like it.

  5. Kris

    Good thing everyone knows it’s rigged. The 405 was the only ppl allowed to test and tune. But u say what ya need to make your money buddy!

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