Street Outlaws’ Shane Crashed

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

In the semi-finals against Justin “Big Chief” Shearer, Shane McAlary crashed his Black Bird Vega at Bristol Dragway in Bristol, Tenn. He was in the right lane.

Near the end of the track, Shane lost control of his car. It crashed into the wall in the left lane.

Shane McAlary (Photo by 405 Photos)

Shane McAlary (Photo by 405 Photos)

Also, according to some live feeds, obviously unconfirmed reports, they believed Shane flipped his Vega. No official update on his condition has been released yet — and may not be until later on Tuesday, or the coming days if at all.

Despite the look of the accident, he also may be fine with all the safety equipment these drivers have in the cars today.

Big Chief advanced to the final round, as he won the semi-final. He’ll face Chuck Seitsinger or Jerry Bird in The Probe in the final for a $100,000.

The racing was halted, while the medical personnel tended to Shane.

This is not the first-time Shane crashed on the show. Last June, during filming, Shane also crashed at a track, which then took him off of The List.

Shane got his ceremony back a couple of months ago, then crashed it early Wednesday morning. It’ll be a while before the car will be able to race again, if it does at all, or Shane goes in another direction with a different car.


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