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Was Street Outlaws Bristol rigged?

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By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to several racers, who have appeared on the show, the Discovery Channel was taping at least for two days prior to their big Tuesday night show at Bristol Dragway in Bristol, Tenn. The company reportedly paid $25,000 to the facility for the 405 to test.

While the 405 were testing at the track, no other drivers were allowed to watch them.

Street Outlaws Logo

Street Outlaws Logo

“They didn’t let anyone else show up to test and they been there for days,” a racer, who has been on the show, requested anonymity said. “And they [were] still testing the day before. No respect for that!”

The episode that went until 3 am EST is expected to air at a later date during the Street Outlaws featuring the Oklahoma City crew. Justin “Big Chief” Shearer defeated Jerry Bird in The Probe in the final round and received $65,000 for the win.

While we do not know if it was rigged, we know that Big Chief is difficult to beat. It would be difficult for The Discovery Channel to have an honest race if it was rigged.

“Proof that Chief and Shawn [Ellington aka Murder Nova] are scared of a fair race,” the source said.

David Bird Jones was one of the racers, who was not allowed to watch the testing.

The Street Outlaws were at the facility as far back as last Thursday. They were guests of Bristol Motor Speedway during the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race.

“Good thing everyone knows it’s rigged,” a person named Kris left a comment on The Capital Sports Report. “The 405 was the only people allowed to test and tune. But you say what you need to make your money buddy!”



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39 Comments on Was Street Outlaws Bristol rigged?

  1. Seems obvious that the 405 people, for whatever reason, were able to run their cars for a day or two prior to the race and the rest of the competitors, for whatever reason, were not able. As for the idea that the 405 people only did this because they were ‘bored’ or some other innocuous reason just does not hold any water for me. The 405 people obviously thought it worth their while to spend the time, effort and money on the track prior to the race to gain whatever benefit they thought they could get. I wouldn’t go so far as to call the race rigged but I also would not say all the racers had the same competitve opportunity either. It does make me wonder about the possility that i have missed some other things the producers have slid by me without my knowledge that would make me feel different about the show had i known.

  2. The 405 is the best Street Racers in the country and they proved that many times so why would they rigged the race when they were many people not from OKC or has never been on Street Outlaws who advanced further than some of the 405. The 405 just planned there race on how they want to attack it, that not rigging that is just smart game play cause they just wanted that 100k like anybody else and chief won it fair and square. If the other racer would not help Chief it would be different. They were just being good sportsman and that not rigged.

    • Sarah, as I wrote from other racers there, the 405 drivers were warming up on the track several days prior to the event. Yet, the other drivers were not able to race until that night. All the racers who were there knew that — and one of them just happened to be mad about it that he wanted me to write about it. Instead of relying on just one person’s information, I confirmed it with 10 different people, who were there, too.

  3. HAMMA the race was OVER after they crossed the finish line. To use your logic someone could drop a wrench in the pits and disqualify their car? Birdman and Kayla and the 55 weren’t there because they are ProMods. This race was for street cars with VIN tags, steel quarters, steel roof etc. Please find something legit to cry about.

  4. After breaking, Big Chief and the 405 team came together as one using parts off their own cars to put Big Chief back together, seconds before he raced Swamp Thing. After winning, Big Chief said that he had run the fastest with the new parts. Just love the sport and trying to win. They came together and even Kye Kelley couldn’t beat Big Chief. That’s what makes the 405 the best in Street Outlaws. Enjoy watching the show — Frank Thomas

  5. After breaking, Big Chief in the 405 team came together as one, using parts off their own cars. They put Big Chief back together and made him the best car ever, that’s a team. They were not complaining or crying, because they lost, rather they worked together as one and be the best. A fan of the show and Street Outlaws.

  6. I don’t get why people always think someone cheated or has an advantage over the next guy. Have you ever thought that maybe they were let in because it’s there show? Lol. How does one rig up something like that? Stop crying and just say congratulations to the winner! If you can do that then your just a flat out HATER!

  7. Regardless of who wins the street or the track, this show has taught so many of us how to work on our own vehicals. Im not a mechanic, but I have enjoyed working with my sons on a C1500, 454 SS. Pickup. I would have been VERY hesitant to work on it a few years ago, but now really enjoy working with my sons on our truck. We are currently installing new headers and exhaust. This may be simple for many, but for us it is fun learning to do this. Thanks Discovery and the 405 for the confidence.

  8. simple No Pro Mods ! And they were trying to get the Nova Ironed out & going strait more than likely .

  9. Both times the street outlaws came to California they tested all day on the street and the California boys did not get to test him what

  10. I just want to say that no matter how salty most of us are that our favorites were not invited like Kayla, Larry Larson, The ’55 and Birdman all 4 of these cars can and have beat big Chief. Kayla took him out at Armageddon. However we forget in our saltiness that this is a business and Chief is the reason all of this started in the first place. While he may not be my favorite as I am #TeamTexas all day and night. Pilgrim still has to put on a show on television. So at after it is all said and done are we surprised at the out come? Congratulations. I am just a spectator who goes to every No-Prep race I can with in a 6 hour drive from Dallas. This is the first one Chief has even won! All the odds were in his favor everyone else were the underdogs. In the end there is nothing we can do to change any of it rather we think it is fair or not. You have to admit watching it on live feed the entire night BoostedGT Chris Hamilton did a hell of a job as did Barrett Green the announcer! They are #TeamTexas!

  11. Rules should be the same for everyone if you get to test everyone should get to…and if it was offered, most guys would’ve paid to do so….testing isn’t all about track prep, it’s about finding the bumps and stuff, so you can adjust the power accordingly. So my opinion is maybe not rigged but definitely an unfair advantage

  12. Yep what they said👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

  13. People can say what they want. Big thank you to Big Chief on the 405 for giving drag racing a shot in the arm. The 405 Street Outlaws is the reason drag racing is stronger than it’s ever been… rather I would get beat or not. Bucket list is to race one of them one time. Thank you Outlaws

  14. They’re just pissed because the 405 whooped a** like u said. If they’re not winning, that must mean the 405 cheated, so come on now people just take ur a** whooping like a man and accept it and move on! Stop acting like a bunch of crying little b*tches. I imagine if y’all would work as hard as some of the 405, y’all would be winners!!!

  15. I was there, there were a whole lot of 405 guys out the first round! I am always skeptical of all the reality shows, but I really couldn’t see a big advantage to anyone there that night.

  16. Have lot of respect for the No Prep racers! Love racing the Street Outlaw boys and girls. I’ll race any of them. As long as the playing field is equal! I’m mad that I have spent 4 months to get Purple Rain competitive and was not invited! Oh-well. Maybe next time!

  17. My only complaint is the real King of No Prep was not there! Birdman! He would have beat Chief! Why wasn’t the ’55 there? Kayla too!

  18. The way I see rigging is if one racer sandbags, so the other can win!

  19. To be fair. Nobody would be at Bristol Dragway if it wasn’t for the exposure that the 405 brought to drag racing. There would not be 22K fans in the seats if it wasn’t for the 405 and Discovery. Jerry Bird, Scott “John Doe” Taylor, Birdman, Kye Kelly would be virtual unknowns making half the money and a fraction of the fame.

  20. Isn’t the show based on the 405? It’s their show and they can do what they want to do to prep for the show. When you show up for a race you best be ready! Test and tune elsewhere. Man up. Quit crying.

  21. That’s not a “rig” it’s called paying for the track to test and tune, it happens all the time. If you don’t chip in on the track rental for that time, then hell no you shouldn’t be able to use the track. The rental time is for the person or people that rented. Stop complaining.

  22. Still gotta cut a light, still have to avoid breakage, still got to run the track and changing conditions. Cry, cry, cry… The 405 is making a lot of these cry babies very rich. Stop your whining.

  23. In the driver’s meeting, it was established, that of any part falls off your car onto the track, you would be disqualified. I guess Big Chief’s door in the first round, didn’t count.

  24. Didn;t Kye Kelley race? How the hell did Jerry Bird wind up in the final? He’s lucky to be in the top five on the New Orleans list. But drivers aside, Big Chief’s car vs The Probe, Big Chiefs car any day. It’s fast, it’s consistent and worst part, I am a Ford man.

  25. When the 405 tested it was on a track that still had prep on it from the recent NHRA race. After the track was scrapped twice according to Boosted GT who was running the operations. Maybe they were testing because they were bored, who knows. But any data they may have gathered during testing was worthless during the race. All the rumors are based on nothing but speculation and no concrete facts or evidence. What happened is the 405 and Big Chief cleaned house and whooped ass!

  26. These people are just mad cuz they didnr win the cash.. if you assholes where smart you would if thought of the same idea the 405 did its testing… just cuz yall couldnt but up the money to test doesnt mean they the races where rigged… get a life people… be smart about racing you call urself racers but all you guys do is complain everytime you dont win..

  27. So what I read here that some person feels that the race was rigged. Were the lights set different?? NO…. Did the other racers have different fuel???? NO… How was it rigged, because they did not test their cars before they came to race. That is not rigged, it is smart racing for the 405! Get a life! The 405 have got it together, they race to win, and the track at Bristol made some extra money.

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