McGregor vs. Mayweather Prediction

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Conor McGregor has been fighting for his life for quite some time. The Irishman has had all the odds against him for much of his life, but he likes it that way.

He’ll face Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena.

Conor McGregor (Getty Images)

Conor McGregor (Getty Images)

Almost all of the pundits are picking Mayweather to either knockout McGregor or for him to win with the fight going the distance. Here’s the problem with all of their knockout claims, he has not had a knockout in almost six-years.

He knocked out Victor Ortiz in the fourth-round on Sept. 17, 2011. In seven bouts since, they all went the distance with him winning.

McGregor is the only one that has the power for the knockout in this bout. Mayweather is too old and too slow to knockout the Irishman.

We believe that McGregor can pull this off. It’s hard to doubt a man, who has proved almost everyone wrong in every bout that he’s had.

Sure, many of these bouts were in the Octagon in the UFC. But the boxing ring should not be a difference in a few hours.

Mayweather Jr. will definitely have some ring rust – even if he won’t admit to it – since he has not fought since Sept. 2015. McGregor has had four fights since that time – and this one will be his fifth.

Nate Diaz was the only one to defeat him during this time. McGregor only had two weeks to prepare for him and lost via a near-naked choke in the second-round.

McGregor has had a full camp to prepare for Mayweather Jr. Even after all the talking, only one man will be the victor and we believe that it will be McGregor.

McGregor has been saying that he’s going to knock out Mayweather within four rounds. He said after the commission moved the gloves to eight ounces, he’s going to knock out The Money Man in two rounds.

He’s been talking a lot before the fight. And won’t shut up once he shocks the world one more time!

And he’s going to cash in from this bout. He’s long from the days of when he was on welfare and will pass more than $100 million from this fight.

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