Butch Jones’ time is up at Tennessee

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Tennessee Volunteers head coach Butch Jones has had his obituary written on Saturday. The embattled fifth-year is likely on the outside now, as the school looks to get rid of their high-priced football coach.

The hot seat that he was on has gotten even hotter and he’s able to be unemployed. When you can’t perform, you lose your job. It’s the facts of life.

Butch Jones (Getty Images)

Butch Jones (Getty Images)

The Volunteers have not been able to perform the past two weeks like they should have. The team is presently on a two-game losing streak.

The team has definitely degressed during this time.

Tennessee has to make the decision on Jones now. They can’t wait until later or even next week when they travel to Bryant-Denny Stadium and make on the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide, the No. 1 team in the country.

They’re going to suffer more heart ache, as the Crimson Tide has not lost this season. And the game could get even worse for the Volunteers, who really have no shot in the game. Expect it to be a blowout with or without Jones.

The team has struggled the past two weeks — and it’s quite obvious. In fact, the team suffered the worst lost at Neyland Stadium last weekend to the No. 4 Georgia Bulldogs.

Fans wanted Jones gone after that loss. Yet, the administration decided to keep him — before he laid another dud in front of the administration and the fans at Neyland Stadium.

The Volunteers could only muster three field goals in a 15-9 loss to the South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday afternoon.

As the head coach, he takes the blame for all the team’s failures. And sometimes — especially in this instance — the team needs a new voice for a spark to happen.

Jones is not good enough to be the Volunteers head coach. The offense in the Gamecocks game had negative — yes, negative yards — in the second half.

He even got confrontational with reporters after the game. The reporters questioned why he wouldn’t use John Kelly, arguably their best player, on the final play of the game.

“Did we think about giving John Kelly the ball?,” Jones replied. “Yes, we did, but with four seconds…. that’s when we thought about it. If you run the ball and you don’t get it then that’s the final play. Then you’re sitting in here asking me why we handed the ball off.”

As of this moment, the 49-year-old is 33-24 as the Volunteers head coach. He makes $4.6 million annually.

The Volunteers should stop making payments on that salary, as he’s not good enough to be their head coach.


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