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Are the Buffalo Bills done for the season?

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By Maximillian C. Burgos | Staff Writer

The Buffalo Bills have suffered poor quarterback play for years. Poor quarterback play is a huge part of why they are currently on an 18-year playoff drought. The Cleveland Browns, the team that everyone loves to make fun of in the NFL, has a shorter playoff drought than the Bills.

The Bills started the this season hot. With wins over the Broncos, Buccaneers, Falcons and Raiders, the Bills showed promise moving forward in their season. For a weeks or so, they were even number one in their division.


LeSean McCoy(Getty Images)

But, since their 5-2 start to the season, the Bills have lost three straight games. The New York Jets, upset the Bills in a game that can only be described as abysmal for the Bills. They turned over the ball three times, shooting themselves in the foot and giving the Jets points.

They then lost the New Orleans Saints the next week 47-10. The Saints simply ran away with the game both literally and figuratively. The Bills defense, which had been relatively solid until then was absolutely tramped in the run game. The Bills gave up six rushing touchdowns and 298 rushing yards.

The Bills offense was also completely inept, unable to answer on the scoreboard. The Saints simply did what they wanted in the game, putting up big numbers up on the scoreboard as a result.

All of that brings us to this past week where the Bills were destroyed in Los Angeles by the Chargers. Rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman was embarrassed in his first NFL start, throwing five interceptions before finally being pulled out of the game.

There was little veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor could do to stop the bleeding or answer back on the scoreboard. The damage had already been done. The Bills ended up losing the game 54-24.

Drew Brees (Getty Images)

Drew Brees (Getty Images)

At the end of the day, the question stands, show the Bills just pack it up and hope for the best in the offseason?

In order for Bills to bounce back and make the playoffs after three pathetic loses, they would need to win at least four out of their last six games. In the final stretch of the season, the Bills see the Patriots twice, the Dolphins twice, the Colts and the Chiefs, not necessarily in that order. It’s not impossible to win four of those games, but what are the odds.

Next week the Bills play the Kansas City Chiefs, who were also hot to start the season, but have cooled off in recent weeks. This past week, they were even upset by the New York Giants 12-9. Two weeks ago, the Chiefs also lost to the Cowboys 28-17.

The chances that the Bills beat the Chiefs, who seem to be on a downward slump, are slim to say the least, especially since the Chiefs are home. So far this year, the Chiefs are 3-1 at home. ESPN’s matchups predictor gives the Chiefs an 85.8 percent chance of winning. If the Bills can’t solve their quarterback woes, they might face another slaughtering against the Chiefs.


Alex Smith (Getty Images)

If the Bills can survive the Chiefs, they might have a shot at the playoffs if they continue to win. But with way things are looking now, the odds aren’t in the Bills favor. At this point, the Bills only have a 25 percent chance of making it to the playoffs, but the Bills are not in the drivers seat at this point. Other teams like the Titans would need to lose multiple games moving forward for the Bills, to sneak back into a wildcard position.

If the Bills manage to win four of the next six, it could be close. It seems unlikely that they will though. Bills fans may have to brace themselves for another year of disappointment.


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