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Week 13 Previews: 49ers @ Bears

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By Maximillian C. Burgos | Staff Writer

Both the Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers have little to play for on Sunday. Both teams would benefit from in the long run from losing the game, which could help either team get a better draft pick in the offseason. The biggest headline of the day however, it that Jimmy Garoppolo will be taking the reins for the 49ers.

On Sunday, Garoppolo will be making his third start of his entire career and no one seems to know what exactly to expect.


Jimmy Garappolo (Getty Images)

For a long time, everyone felt that Garoppolo would one day taken over for clear first-ballot hall of famer Tom Brady, but in a twist, the New England Patriots traded him to the 49ers before the trade deadline in this season.

So far in his career Garoppolo has thrown for 708 yards and six touchdowns. He looked good when he played for the Patriots last year in his two starts, but there is really no clear idea of how Garoppolo will do in the League.

A lot of people are torn on what exactly Garoppolo brings to the table. Yes, he sat behind Brady for three years and much of this year, but that doesn’t always translate to on-the-field success.

Sunday will be a sample serving of what Garoppolo can do in the League and what he can bring to an ailing 49ers team. But, keep in mind, he has only been with the team for a month, he may not be 100-percent prepared coming into Sunday. He may struggle a little bit this year to do better next year.

This season is already shot for the 49ers. Putting Garoppolo in can just be a measuring stick for what they have on the team moving into next year. If Garoppolo falls on his face, don’t be surprised if the 49ers draft a quarterback in the upcoming draft.

On the other side of the ball, the Bears are also trying to see what they have in their first-round pick Mitchell Trubisky.


Mitchell Trubisky (Getty Images)

Trubisky could have easily have gone to the 49ers in last year’s draft since they owned the No.2 pick originally. But, the Bears traded up and got their signal caller. Trubisky has not had a fairy tale start to his career. He has only thrown for 1,135 yards, four touchdowns and four interceptions in his first seven starts.

Trubisky hopes to improve against the 49ers. With running back Jordan Howard in the backfield to balance the Bears offensive attack, the Bears could pull out a win against the 49ers.

Last year, Howard had a big day against the 49ers. He rand for 117 yards and three touchdowns, helping the Bears win big that day.

The Bears will also need to protect Trubisky to have any remote chance of winning. He has been sacked 19 times this year in only seven games. The youngster won’t last long if he gets hit in the backfield too many times.

With the way things stand, both teams are near the bottom of the League, whatever happens will not have any playoff implications, but with the stage set the way it is for both young quarterbacks, it could still be an interesting game to watch.


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