Will the Browns end the season 0-16?

By Maximillian C. Burgos | Staff Writer

The Cleveland Browns have the first overall draft pick in the bag with their 0-15 record. That’s just about the only positive about being 0-15 in a season.

The Browns are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh for their final game of the season. Needless to say, a win doesn’t seem very likely for the Browns.

The Steelers are already in the playoffs and really don’t have much of anything to play for; but they will do everything, even to win the game and finish the regular season with a win at home. According to ESPN’s matchup predictor, the Steelers have a 91.7-percent chance of winning the game.

That means, the Browns have a very good chance of being the second team in NFL history to go winless, joining the 2008 Detroit Lions. That is no small feat. Browns head coach Hue Jackson has had the worst start with a team in NFL history going 1-30 up until this point in his coaching tenure with the team.


Hue Jackson on the sidelines during the Bears game last week.  (Getty Images)

The Browns last win was against the San Diego Chargers last year on Christmas Eve. They won the game 20-17. In the game, the Chargers had a could chance of coming back in the last six minutes, but the Browns managed to hold on for the close win. It was the only gift that the Browns could offer fans last year just before Christmas.

This year, as Christmas has come and gone, it seems like the Browns won’t be giving their fans anything more than just one more reason to hang their heads in shame.

The Browns failures this year seem endless. They managed to lose multiple leads through the course of the season. Rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer also did nothing more than simply disappoint the Browns fan base.

Kizer performed horribly when under pressure, making bad decisions and showing that he simply was not ready to take the reins as an NFL starting quarterback. None of the Browns quarterbacks on the roster did anything to really help the team.

Kevin Hogan, Cody Kessler, and Kizer combined for an abysmal 3,223 passing yards, 13 touchdowns through the air, and 27 interceptions. Kessler didn’t even throw a touchdown this season, but he did throw an interception, only further hurting the team. Even with more interceptions than touchdowns, Hogan has the best QBR on the team, a sad 71.9.

The Browns won’t even be able to boast having a 1,000-yard rusher this season or a 1,000-yard receiver. At least the 2008 Detroit Lions, the worst team in NFL history to date and the only team so far to have lost all of their regular season games, had a monster receiver in Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. Johnson had 78 receptions for 1,331 yards, 12 touchdowns (two-thirds of all the team’s total passing touchdowns) and had more than 20 plays for more than 20 yards.


Before Johnson retired, he was one of the best receivers in the NFL, adding hope to a seemingly hopeless Lions team. (Getty Images)

The Browns leading receiver is second string running back, Duke Johnson Jr. He has 68 reception for 618 yards and three touchdowns. He has also contributed 328 yards on the ground with another three touchdowns on the ground, but it still doesn’t help the Browns cause at the end of the season.

With Browns playing so poorly, Jackson has already gone on record with an interview with ESPN and stated that he will be jumping into Lake Erie after all. He promised last year that he would if the Browns were ever as bad as last year again. Needless to say, they might be worse.

Fun side notes aside, it almost seems like an obvious decision that the Browns should get rid of Hue Jackson and his staff, starting fresh next year, yet again. But, he will be back, at least that’s what has been said up until this point. The Browns have another new GM in John Dorsey, but who knows how that will go and whether not he will keep Hue Jackson on staff.


John Dorsey (left) stands with Browns owner Jimmy Haslam (right) on the field before a game. (Getty Images)

At this point, the Browns are in a tough spot, players in the upcoming draft have already stated that they don’t want to play for the Browns and no one blames them. If the Browns don’t beat the Steelers, they will be only the second team in history to be so bad.

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