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Petroski looks to get final amateur win before turning pro

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By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Andre Petroski and Avery Sanchis are one of the fights on the Art of War Cage Fighting 5 card at the 2300 Arena on Friday night. This will be a 170-pound title fight.

“Originally, I had fought for the 185 pound belt back at Harrah’s in Chester (Pa.),” Petroski said. “I fought Jon Tuxford. I defeated him in 47 seconds. I was going to defend that belt, but I knew I was going to go 170 for pro, so my coach thought it would be a good idea to drop down now before I turn pro and get used to cutting that weight.

Andre Petroski and Avery Sanchis (Photo by Art of War Cage Fighting 5 Promotional image)

Andre Petroski and Avery Sanchis (Photo by Art of War Cage Fighting 5 Promotional image)

“I told Mike (Bickings) that I wanted to fight at 170, and then they gave me a title fight against Anthony Bryson, who pulled out about a month before the fight and got replaced by Andrew Johnson. At the time, he was 5-0, and showed to be a tough opponent, but I stopped him in the first-round.”

Petroski has not fought since the December 8th, 2017 bout with Johnson. With Sanchis, he’s fighting a kickboxer, who has been in Pennsylvania for about seven months after living in Hawai’i.

“Andre is an amazing wrestler,” Sanchis said. “He’s a freak of nature when it comes to wrestling. I’ve been practicing my takedowns and my jiu-jitsu, assuming that he’s going to try to take me down. I think he’s going to try to stick to his bread and butter. I’ve been working on what’s not my bread and butter, which is wrestling. It’s really kickboxing vs. wrestling in this matter. I’m trying to be a well-rounded wrestler if worst comes to worst.”

Sanchis said this bout will be awkward, because of the different backgrounds of the fighters. He said it’s two different sports.

“I’m a kickboxer, and he’s a wrestler,” he said. “He does have good standup as well, so I’m hoping we get to play a little on the feet, but I feel like I’m physically and mentally prepared if it goes to the ground.”

Petroski said it’s his second-time facing a kickboxer in his career.

“I’m excited honestly,” he said. “From what I’ve heard, he has a pretty extensive kickboxing background. I think he’s 3-1 in MMA, but I’m excited. I’ve fought some strikers, but on paper, he may be the best striker that I’m going to face. I’m excited to see where he’s at and where I lie at that level. From what I’ve been told — and I don’t know the truth to it — for the past year, he hasn’t been doing MMA and has just focused primarily on kickboxing.

“I’ve faced a kickboxing opponent before. I have an idea what to expect, but it’s different with the little gloves. It’s not the same. Not everything you use in a kickboxing fight will be helpful to you in an MMA fight. However, the fundamentals are the same and I am expecting the best Avery Sanchis possible. I think even the best Avery Sanchis will fall to Andre Petroski.”

Petroski is 6-1 in his MMA career. He is 4-0 in his last four bouts. He has not been defeated since losing a unanimous decision to Daniel Tolbert at CFFC 62 on December 17th, 2016.

He has three wins by submission. In addition, he won two bouts by unanimous decision and the KO in his last fight.

Of those fights that went past a round, they have gone the distance. He has four wins in the first round.

Sanchis is 3-1 in his MMA career. This is his first fight with Art of War Cage Fighting. He also had a fight in Las Vegas with X-1 World Events: Toughman in 2012.

He has had three bouts with Rumble Inc. — Just Scrap in Hawai’i. He went 2-1 in those bouts, with a submission and unanimous decision in the wins.

He has not fought an MMA bout since May 12th, 2017 when he lost via a unanimous decision to Keala Tamsing.

“As far as MMA, yes, it may affect me a little bit, but I’ve had two kickboxing fights since then,” Sanchis said. “The two opponents had a combined record of 5-16. I’m going in to scrap — and I TKOed both of those opponents, one in the third round and the other in the first. I’m not nervous at all when it comes to fighting at all. I don’t think there will be ring rust, because I’m always ready to scrap. I’ll fight right now if I had to.”

This will be Sanchis’ first fight at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

“I heard all about Philly fans,” he said. “They just tore down their city for winning the Super Bowl. I couldn’t imagine what they would have done if they would have lost. All the pressure is on Andre in this fight. There is no pressure on me at all, because I do not know this town. I don’t know anybody. I don’t have to go home and answer to anybody. I’m going in there to scrap, pressure free.”

Barring any changes, the two are slated to fight early on the card.

“I enjoy fighting early, because then I could enjoy the rest of the fights and watch them,” Petroski said. “But at the same time, a lot of people on a Friday night, cannot get there until later on due to work, so when you fight later, you will see more people there.”

This is the third-time that Petroski has fought for Art of War Cage Fighting. Both of the previous fights with this promotion ended in the first-round.

“I love what Mike does to promote the fighters,” Petroski said. “If you want an interview, if you want a poster, if you want any promotional push, he’s willing to do it over other promoters. He’s willing to work with you and do whatever it takes to help you. That’s comforting.”

This is expected to be Petroski’s final amateur fight, before he turns pro.


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