Youth coaches planned to hit player, force her out of league

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

There is a disturbing story about youth sports coming out of New Hampshire on Saturday night. Two youth baseball coaches planned to hit an 11-year-old girl to intimidate her.

The female is the only female player in the league. They also wanted her to leave the league.

Little League Baseball

Little League Baseball

The disturbing claims were initially brought to light in the Fosters Daily Democrat from a parent in the Oyster River Youth Association in Durham, N.H. Dan Klein, whose daughter was planned to be hit, brought the allegations to the paper.

Klein said the two coaches brought up hitting his daughter in the head during a league draft meeting on March 21st. The league draft meeting took place at the Durham bar and grill.

Troy Brisard and Kirk O’Quinn brought the information to Klein. He was not at the meeting, according to the Fosters Daily Democrat, when the statement was made.

O’Quinn picked Klein’s daughter to be a part of his team. Klein said to the paper that his daughter has played in the ORYA baseball program since 2012, even when no other females played.

“ORYA will immediately address the incident in our baseball program and move to ensure our program is 100% compliant with our policies,” ORYA Board Chair Ben Genes said in an email that was forwarded to the newspaper. “I will contact Troy (Brisard) and Kirk (O’Quinn) to follow up on the details referenced. Please let me know if you have any questions.

“We are now beginning a formal investigation into the incident as per our policies and procedures and will provide a summary followup to all our stakeholders.”

Right now, Klein has no plans to remove his daughter from the baseball program.

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