Leonard informs Spurs he wants to be traded

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The San Antonio Spurs finally have a word from Kawhi Leonard regarding his future. He no longer wants to represent the silver and black.

Leonard, who refused to play last season after playing less than 10 games for the team, wants to be traded. By doing so, Leonard will be forfeiting his potential opportunity at a supermax contract, five-years, $219 million.

Kawhi Leonard (Getty Images)

Kawhi Leonard (Getty Images)

He will be losing $80 million. Instead, the most he could receive will be a four-year, $139 million deal.

Leonard, whose 26-years-old, averaged 16.2 points, 4.7 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 2.0 steals, and 1.0 blocks per game in 23.3 minutes over nine games.

Tony Parker, who had a similar injury as Leonard, criticized the star player, as he said his injury was a 100 times worse than Leonard’s. Also, as Leonard went AWOL from his teammates, he was in New York.

He spent his seven seasons with the Spurs. He also helped guide the team to the NBA Championship, including being named The Finals MVP. He is also a two-time All-Star.

Leonard, who was born in Los Angeles, California, is being mentioned as a candidate to join the Lakers in the off-season. Yet, if the Spurs have their way, they’ll do everything in their power to trade him to the Eastern Conference so that he stays out of the Western Conference.

In his career, he has appeared in 407 games, including 380 games. He’s averaged 16.3 points, 6.2 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 1.8 steals, and 0.7 blocks in his career through 30.4 minutes.


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