Four Protest members invade World Cup pitch

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

During the World Cup Final, there was a disruption that had four people run onto the pitch. A Russian protest group, which is also a punk band, P—- Riot, has claimed responsibility.

According to the band, via its Twitter account, their statement said that it was a protest. The four people ran onto the pitch during the 52nd minute.

Stewards apprehend a pitch invader as Croatia's Dejan Lovren reacts (REUTERS)

Stewards apprehend a pitch invader as Croatia’s Dejan Lovren reacts (REUTERS)

The four individuals, who were wearing old-fashioned police uniforms, were tackled to the ground after running onto the field. Before they were taken off of the field, one of the individuals, who was protesting, was able to get a high-five from one of the French players.

The band, according to the Twitter account, has a list of demands that they would like answered from the Russian government. The protest group says they would like the Russian government to free their political prisoners. In addition, they would like the Russian government to end “[its] illegal arrests at protests.”

The group also would like for the Russian government to “allow political competition in the country.” All four individuals will likely be charged for their incident; however, the Russian authorities have not released any charges yet.

The four individuals emerged on the field after the Croatia goalkeeper saved a shot from Kylian Mbappé in the 51st minute. One of the individuals made it all the way to the center of the field, before being tackled by security.

P—- Riot, a Russian punk rock group, also previously protested Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2012. Two of the members went to prison for almost two years, according to media reports.

France ended up winning the FIFA World Cup 4-2 over Croatia in Moscow, Russia.

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