Diomandé alleges racial slur during U.S. Open Cup game

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to ESPN, Los Angeles FC striker Adama Diomandé is alleging that he had to deal with racial abuse when LAFC played their U.S. Open Cup match on Wednesday night against the Portland Timbers. The incident happened in Los Angeles.

Diomandé, who joined the franchise in May, was angered during the second half of the team’s 3-2 over the Timbers. After the game, he went to Instagram to say what happened.

“Today was the first-time in my profession career that I was called the ‘N’ word on the field,” Diomande said in the post. “They will say sorry to me after the game and please let it go, but if I don’t say anything racism will just continue to grow.

“No matter which country, color, religion, or which language [you’re] speaking, we all are human being and we should respect each other no matter what! #saynotoracism”

The incident in question, according to Diomande, happened when he had words with several Timbers players during the 90th minute of the game. He was attempting to stand up for his teammate, Carlos Vela, who had just suffered a hard foul from one of the Portland players.

Timbers players even attempted to calm down an angered Diomande when he was talking to the official. Several minutes after this incident, Portland’s Julio Cascante received a card following a late tackle into Diomande.

LAFC's Adama Diomandé looks to get control of the ball against Portland Timbers' Julio Cascante (Getty Images)
LAFC’s Adama Diomandé looks to get control of the ball against Portland Timbers’ Julio Cascante (Getty Imag

He got even more angered and squared up with the Timbers players again.

The Timbers are protesting their loss in the U.S. Open Cup. In their protest, they allege it was over “[a] number of LAFC’s foreign players.”

“The club is aware of the accusations posted on Instagram following Wednesday night’s U.S. Open Cup game and is in direct communication with LAFC management, league officials and internal staff to gather more information, ” Portland said in a statement. “At this time, we are awaiting more details as we actively continue to investigate the matter. The club will provide further information when it becomes available.

“The Timbers and those associated with the club do not tolerate discriminatory, disrespectful or offensive behavior of any kind, under any circumstances, and it does not reflect the values of the club or the community which it represents.”

The 28-year-old Diomande has nine goals with LAFC through seven games this season. He was even the MLS’ player of the month in June.

He previously played in Norway and Belarus before joining Hull City in England in 2015. May 1st, 2018, he signed with LAFC, reuniting with manager Bob Bradley.

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