JCP&L fixes Island Dragway’s insane electric bills

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Island Dragway in Northern New Jersey was in a dilemma. Without the media coverage, the drag strip may have been forced to close down.

Early Friday morning, we published a story about the drag strip facing insane electric bills. The track had their electric bill increased from 3.9KW to 1257KW for an unknown reason.

That caused her monthly bill to begin at $11,100 before using any electricity. Owner Melissa Milano said it’s always been a primary service account.

Drag Racing Clip Art

Drag Racing Clip Art

Milano said in an email late Friday night that the situation has been resolved with JCP&L.

“I really believe that the media attention strongly helped in a quick resolution, as the first time I questioned our initial bill in June, there was not as thorough investigation and I was only told 3-4 weeks later (last Friday) that it had been correct,” Milano said to The Capital Sports Report.

Milano said she was working with a JCP&L account representative since Wednesday. Then, she said, on Friday, she received an update.

“I truly believe in strength in numbers, and while I’ll never know FOR SURE that the media attention had any had in the decisions made, I believe it definitely had a hand in the swiftness in them,” Milano said. “I am truly honored that the racing community from near and far would come out of the woodwork in their support for us, and it makes the struggle to operate a small, seasonal business worthwhile, so I’d like to thank everyone who liked, commented, and shared the articles and posts written.”

Now that Island Dragway is safe, there are only two dragstrips in the State of New Jersey. While Island Dragway is in North Jersey, Atco Dragway is in South Jersey.

The State lost Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in January as a drag racing facility.

Island Dragway has been an NHRA member track since 1960.

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