Kane wins Knox County Mayor role

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Kane has been one of the demons on the World Wrestling Entertainment’s roster for a long-time. Now, Glenn Jacobs will hope to bodyslam politics as the new mayor of Knox County.

Jacobs became the new mayor on Thursday night. This will likely impact his role on WWE TV programming.

Glenn Jacobs, wrestler Kane, won the Knox County mayoral race

Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane, appearing in the WWE (Photo by the WWE)

Jacobs ran as a conservative in the mayoral race. Besides being known as Kane in the WWE, he is a small business owner, as he and his wife own Jacobs Insurance Associates.

He had a watch party at Crowne Plaza in Knoxville. As the early votes trickled in, he had a 2-to-1 advantage over Democratic challenger Linda Haney.

WWE cameramen followed Kane throughout Thursday. It’s unclear what they’ll do with the footage.

He said he was running for mayor was initially met with “pretty resounding laughter.”

“If anything, what that did was that made me want it even more— and not for me,” Jacobs said. “Because what they were saying was, ‘He’s one of them. He’s one for you.’”

He won the Republican nomination in May. He defeated Knox County Commissioner Brad Anders by the three count. He actually won by 27 votes.

Jacobs, the now mayor-elect will assume his new role on September 1st. He replaces fellow Republican Tim Burchett.

Kane, aka Jacobs, has been appearing on WWE programming since 1995. He’s been in the wrestling business since 1992.

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