Street Outlaws Bristol 2018 postponed to Wednesday due to weather

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The Street Outlaws Bristol TV taping has been postponed until Wednesday. The Bristol Dragway officials decided to postpone the rest of the show until Wednesday due to inclement weather.

The gates will open at 11:30 am. The racing will resume at 1 pm with the final eight cars.

Drag Racing
Drag Racing (Photo by

The winner on Wednesday will take home the $200,000 winner-take-all prize.

There are four drivers, who have ties to the 405 that are left on the show. Monza (Jerry Johnston), Jeff Lutz, Reaper (James Goad), and Kayla Morton are those drivers.

Kye Kelley, Bruder Bros. (Rich and Nick Bruder), Scott Taylor, and Megalodon (Brent Austin) are the remaining four drivers.

Both of last year’s final round has already been eliminated. Jerry Bird, last year’s runner up, was defeated in the second-round when he lost to Megalodon.

Big Chief, who won last year’s $100,000 race, was eliminated in the first-round. He lost to Shawn Wilhoit, who was then eliminated in the second-round by Reaper.

Of the Oklahoma City crew, who appeared on the Street Outlaws 405 show, who claim they are the fastest, Shane (Shane McAlary), Mike Henson, Dominator (Joe Wood), Murder Nova (Shawn Ellington), Doc (James Love), and Kamikaze (Chris Day) were eliminated in the first-round, besides their race master Big Chief. Daddy Dave (Dave Comstock), Ryan Martin, and Chuck (Chuck Seitsinger) were eliminated in the second round.

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