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If You Love Baseball, You Have to Visit These 5 Locations

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By The Capital Sports Report Staff

One of the most magical things about the game of baseball is its rich history, woven deeply into the fabric of America itself. Anyone who loves baseball and appreciates its storied traditions should consider a visit to the following five baseball shrines.

1. National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum – Cooperstown, NY

There’s no place that more thoroughly captures the history of baseball than the Hall of Fame. From the earliest titans of the sport who played in the 19th century to the latest inductees, the Hall of Fame celebrates the greatest and most legendary players ever to step onto the diamond. In addition to memorializing HOF inductees, the Hall of Fame stands as a museum dedicated to the most memorable and significant moments in baseball history.

2. Wrigley Field – Chicago, IL

Known as the Friendly Confines, Wrigley Field is almost universally acclaimed as one of the two most historical and charming ballparks in the country. With its iconic ivy-covered outfield walls and an interior nearly unchanged since Babe Ruth battled the Cubs in the 1930s, Wrigley Field is a ballpark every baseball fan should see at least one game in.

Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs

Wrigley Field in Chicago (Getty Images)

3. Fenway Park – Boston, MA

Along with Wrigley Field, Fenway Park is a crown jewel of historical baseball stadiums. Since 1912, Fenway has been the home to the Boston Red Sox, and its towering left field wall known as the ‘Green Monster’ is one of the most distinctive and iconic features of a big league ballpark. According to Avis, this is where baseball legends like Babe Ruth and Dominic DiMaggio once played for their home team. As stadiums come and go, Fenway Park remains nearly the same over more than 100 years of baseball.

4. New Yankee Stadium – New York City, NY

The previous two ballparks capture the feeling of attending a baseball game as it would have been a century ago. The new Yankee Stadium, constructed in 2008, offers a more modern experience while still paying homage to history. While the House that Ruth Built has been replaced by the House that Jeter Built, taking in a Yankees game will allow a visitor to come in contact with the history of the most successful and renowned club in MLB history.

5. AT&T Park – San Francisco, CA

Another distinctive baseball experience no fan should miss out on, AT&T Park is the home of the Giants, and boasts one of the most unique geographies in MLB. San Francisco Travel says that AT&T Park opened on April 11, 2000, replacing iconic (and windy) Candlestick Park as the city’s local multi-use stadium and home of its three-time World Series championship baseball team. Nestled right along the bay, home runs hit deep into right field end up splashing into the water, and the ballpark is a lovely modern example of an attractive stadium.

These aren’t the only five spots a baseball lover should visit, but they’re five of the absolute highlights that the game has to offer in terms of beauty and tradition. When you’re planning your next baseball pilgrimage, consider picking one of these five places if you’ve never before had the pleasure.

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