Former NFL WR Carruth released after 18-years

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Former NFL wide receiver Rae Carruth was released from prison on Monday morning. He was released after 8 am in Clinton, North Carolina from the Sampson Correctional Institution.

Carruth, who last played for the Carolina Panthers, was convicted of conspiring to kill his then-pregnant girlfriend. He was in jail for 18-years and 11-months.

Former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth released from prison

Rae Carruth, former NFL wide receiver, released from prison (Photo by Jeff Siner/The Charlotte Observer, via Associated Press)

After being released, he did not speak with the media. He was wearing a knit cap and an unzipped jacket when he was released with temperatures in the high 30s.

He then got into an SUV and was taken to an undisclosed location.

While he is released from prison, he is still required to do a nine-month post-release program, according to Jerry Higgins, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety spokesman. He will be monitored by a caseworker, who will have to give him permission to leave the state or even the country.

Following the Nov. 16, 1999 shooting, in which Adams was shot four times, Adams implicated Carruth in the 911 call. She went into a coma and passed away less than a month later.

Chancellor Lee Adams, the then-unborn child, was delivered by emergency cesarean section. However, he suffered permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy from the incident.

The authorities believe that Carruth killed her in an attempt to avoid child support payments.

In 2001, he was sentenced in January 2001 to nearly 19-years after masterminding the death of Cherica L. Adams. He attempted to kill Adams and his unborn child in the 1999 incident.

During the trial, he was acquitted of first-degree murder. However, Judge Charles Lamm ruled Carruth must serve between 18-years and 11-months as a minimum and a maximum of 24-years and four-months in prison.

He was given a years credit while he was awaiting trial.

Carruth offered a man $5,000 for him to kill Adams in 1999. Van Brett Watkins, the man, killed Adams in a drive-by shooting.

The authorities believed that Carruth was on hand when the drive-by shooting happened. He reportedly also used his car to block her car before the shooting took place.

Then, as the authorities were reporting looking for him, he skipped bail. He was eventually found in Tennessee.

He was initially charged with conspiracy and attempted murder nine days after the shooting.

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