Singer Anthony Kiedis kicked out Staples Center after Saturday brawl

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to AV News, Anthony Kiedis was kicked out of the Staples Center on Saturday night. After the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers got into a brawl — Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, and Brandon Ingram being the instigators — the Red Hot Chili Peppers singer was escorted out of the building.

He reportedly was yelling not-so-nice things to Paul, the Rockets point guard. He even stormed the court and confronted Paul.

Musician Anthony Kiedis at the New York Fashion Week
Anthony Kiedis at the New York Fashion Week (Getty Images)

This happened after Lakers point guard Rondo got into it with Paul. Rondo allegedly, according to the Rockets, spat in Paul’s face.

As several players attempted to separate the two, Brandon Ingram decided to throw punches.

Ingram received four games for the melee. Rondo was given a three-game suspension, while Paul, who is the highest-paid player of the three, was hit with a two-game punishment.

Paul, when he was leaving the court, was escorted near Kiedis. The singer couldn’t just sit down and be a fan, like the rest of the crowd.

He was urged to say something.

The 55-year-old, who was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a Musician, singer, songwriter, and rapper. He is under the Warner Bros. record label, and has been performing since 1983.

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