Former Mariner staff member claims wrongful termination

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Former Seattle Mariners Director of High Performance Lorena Martin was fired from her position in October. Now, she is accusing the Mariners staff of poor leadership and racist comments.

She is alleging the allegations against general manager Jerry DiPoto, manager Scott Servais, and Director of Player Development Andy McKay. She is also alleging that these three men called Dominican players “lazy, dumb and stupid.”



The team has denied her allegations. She alleges that DiPoto and McKay were inappropriate and insulting when it was mentioned that McKay would take over the mental skills development.

“And [DiPoto] said, ‘You know what you are? You’re a cocky Latina,” Martin said, according to the Tacoma News Tribune’s TJ Cotterill. “I said, ‘No, I’m a confident person, who is competent at what I do and I’ve been trained to do that. And later Andy said, ‘ Well, you know, sometimes you’re just plain stupid.’ He loves to use that phrase — plain stupid.”

She alleges that DiPoto punched the wall of her office following another meeting. She also alleges that he was “aggressive and intimidating.”

She also believes she was discriminated against by the team, especially Servais. She believes it was because she’s a woman.

“He [Servais] said, ‘No,’” Martin said. “I asked if he could tell me why and he said, ‘Honestly, it’s because you are a woman.’

“You can’t make this stuff up. It’s just crazy. I went and told Jerry that I wasn’t allowed to sit with with the players. He asked what Scott told me and I said it was because I’m a woman. He said, ‘Then listen to him. Don’t be there.”

She is pursuing legal action against the team, as she is seeking a wrongful termination against the team. She originally signed a three-year deal with the team as MLB’s first Director of High Performance.

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