USA Gymnastics COO Ron Galimore resigns

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Ron Galimore has resigned as the USA Gymnastics chief operating officer. He resigned from his position on Friday.

Galimore is the latest person to resign with the embattled organization since the Larry Nassar scandal.

Gymnastics (Photo by

USA Gymnastics is also facing decertification from its status as a national governing body for the sport after concerns about its leadership were raised. There have also been concerns on how they handled the complaints from former athletes regarding the Nassar matter.

Nassar, the former team doctor, is expected to serve the rest of his life in prison for sexual assault and child pornography charges.

“I am proud to have served USA Gymnastics and its members for more than 24 years. I realize that changes are necessary as the gymnastics community moves forward in the wake of Larry Nassar’s horrific actions, which affected so many in our sport.

“I want to be clear that my resignation was not associated in any manner with the online discourse and media reports that have tried to link me to an effort to shield Nassar from scrutiny. I have spoken with investigators and been deposed concerning these matters, and am confident that I have always acted responsibly and with the best interests of athletes in mind.”

USA Gymnastics said that they accepted his resignation. In addition, they added that they wished him well with his future endeavors.

“Gymnastics has been the center of my life since I was a kid,” Galimore added. “I resigned from my position with both a degree of sadness but also the hope that my departure may aid USA Gymnastics in pursuing its vision for a new beginning as it undergoes restructuring with a renewed sense of focus on creating a safe place for children to learn gymnastics.”

In May it was reported by the Indianapolis Star that an attorney had been by the governing body, who instructed Galimore to come up with false allegations to reportedly explain Nassar’s absence at major events in the summer of 2015. At the time, the organization was reportedly looking into the complaints of Nassar.

“We’ll let Ron know to advise people that you weren’t feeling well and decided to stay home,” Scott Himsel, an attorney hired by USA Gymnastics, wrote in an email obtained by the newspaper.

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