Big Baller Brand: $3,500 for video rights of Spire Institute games in Kentucky

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Do you want to record the Spire Institute in their upcoming basketball tournament? According to Big Baller Brand, it’ll cost you $3,500 per game.

The Spire Institute team will be participating in the first-ever Big Baller Beatdown at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky. LaVar Ball, the owner of the company, wants media to pay insane amounts of money for recording a game.

Ball is hoping that some media companies will fork up the money in order to get film of his son, LaMelo, who plays on the team. SPIRE will be participating in two games, so if a media company wanted video rights for both game, it’ll cost $7,000.

Forbes has already reported that the Big Baller Sports Brand is reportedly receiving $5,000 per LaMelo Ball game that is streamed on FloSports.

This is raising serious questions about SPIRE Institute. Recently, there was a report that the team had withdrawn from a tournament because of a reported $10,000 appearance fee.

The younger Ball, who enrolled at the school in November, is the son of Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball. Yet, the elder Ball and the school are using his games as a cash cow, trying to milk as much money as possible from companies to feature Ball.

SPIRE is not governed by the Ohio High School Athletic Association, which is why they are able to do this.

Sports are meant to be fun at any level. Spire and Big Baller Brand are not making it fun anymore, because they’re being greedy.

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