Murder Nova: OG Murder Nova now not for sale

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The OG Murder Nova is not for sale after all. Either Shawn Ellington, or the individual behind his page, declared it is not for sale.

This is the second known instance that a Street Outlaws racer has said that his car was for sale. This, later, it wasn’t.

In 2018, Kye Kelley said that his entire operation, including Shocker and Aftershock was for sale. Later, he admitted that he put the post on Facebook when he was angry and down on his luck following his trailer breaking down.

It is not clear exactly what caused Ellington or his social media person to made the statement on his verified Facebook post.

In our earlier post, the verified Facebook page said that the OG Murder Nova was for sale for $115,000 or best offer.

“This car has been some places and seen some places!,” Ellington or the individual, who made this ad said. “Way more wins than losses in its natural habitat on the street and has also been a contender in pro275 and LDR drag radial classes. Own the ultimate collectors item or put gas in it and hit the drag strip.”

The ad also said OG Murder Nova has been 4.30s at 170+ on Big Tires. On Small Tires, it’s been 4.20s at 178+.

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