Report: Raiders to play in two cities in 2019?

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

According to WVTM13’s Kyle Burger, the Oakland Raiders are may be the first NFL team to play in two cities in one season. Presently, the team is homeless. 

The Raiders are not allowed to play the 2019 season in Oakland as their lease ended at the end of the season. A proposal to play at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California fell through when the San Francisco 49ers blocked the team from playing in their market. 


The WVTM13 report suggests that the Raiders would play in Tucson, Arizona and Birmingham, Alabama. These are both college towns, but Birmingham is the new home of the Birmingham Iron in the Alliance of American Football. 

According to the report by Burger, “William Parker [of the Birmingham city council] tells me the plan will be for each city to split hosting duties.” 

The AAF ends their season in April. The Blazers would play their home games at Legion Field either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. 

Arizona Stadium is also the home of the Arizona Wildcats. Like the Blazers, there should not be a conflict, because their games would not be played on Sunday.

The Raiders need a home for seven games. One of their eight games is in London, England. Oakland has even considered playing their entire season in London. 

This franchise cannot move to Las Vegas until the 2020 season. Arizona would be the closest option to California for their fans to travel. 

“Honestly, I hope and I pray we are playing in the Bay Area,” Offensive lineman Donald Penn told Lindsay Rhodes on NFL Total Access in early February. “We deserve that to the fans. We deserve to send them off right. We didn’t have a good year last year, and we want to come back this year and send the fans off right. 

“Wherever it is, I hope it’s in the Bay Area. Even if it’s somewhere the fans have to commute, but as long [as] they can get there. I just want to be in the Bay Area.”

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