Memphis Street Outlaw’s Zip tie caught on fire

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Precious Cooper was involved in an accident on Sunday in Zip Tie. She was facing against an unknown driver when the incident happened. 

JJ Da Boss (Jonathan Day) flagged the event. It’s not clear at this time if it’s part of the new season of the Memphis Street Outlaws show. 

Drag Racing
Drag Racing (Photo by

Cooper, as she was going down the road, was fine, until she swerved out of control. She went into the other driver’s lane, before eventually going off the road. 

When Cooper went off the road, Zip tie caught fire in the back part of the car. It’s not clear exactly what led to the fire. 

Individuals rushed to Cooper’s aid and helped removed her from the car. Social media reports suggest that she is OK despite being involved in the crash. 

Nearly the entire car was burnt from the fire, according to the photos. JJ Da Boss has been through it before when both Zip Tie and Ole’ Heavy crashed when he was involved in an accident. 

He admitted on TV that the accident was due to falling asleep at the wheel when he was transporting the two. 

The “Queen of the Streets” may have been a little shaken up by this incident. Zip Tie is normally driven by “Midget,” JJ Da Boss’s wife Tricia Day. 

Zip Tie is a 66 Chevy II Nova that JJ Da Boss has said is a ‘Street Machine’ on Street Outlaws. 

Zip Tie Crash and Fire (Video Credit By Robert Webb)

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