Ravens releasing Michael Crabtree

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

The Baltimore Ravens have informed wide receiver Michael Crabtree on Monday that the team is released in the near future. He played just one season with the Ravens. 

Last off-season, he signed a three-year, $21 million deal with the team. When he signed with the team, he claimed he wanted to be in Baltimore all along. 

Former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Michael Crabtree catches a pass against the New Orleans Saints
Michael Crabtree catches a pass against the New Orleans Saints (Getty Images)

Crabtree could potentially be joining his fourth NFL team this off-season. The 31-year-old Dallas, Texas native played for the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders before joining the Ravens. 

He appeared in 16 games, all starts, with the Ravens during the 2018 season. He had 54 receptions for 607 yards and three touchdowns. 

The 607 yards were the fewest he had in a since since he had 284 yards in 2013 when he appeared in just five games. The 607 yards were the fewest in a full season. 

The three touchdowns were also the fewest since he had during the 2013 season when he had one touchdown. 

Crabtree’s best game of the season was a six reception game for 93 yards and a touchdown against the Tennessee Titans on Oct. 14. No other game did he had more than 66 yards, which he had twice in Week 5 against the Cleveland Browns and in Week 7 against the New Orleans Saints. 

In his final regular season game, he had two receptions for 20 yards against the Cleveland Browns. In his final three games of his Ravens career, he had three receptions for 40 yards. 

Crabtree had two receptions for 38 yards and two touchdowns in the AFC Wild Card Game against the Los Angeles Chargers in Baltimore, Maryland on Jan. 6. 

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